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    Thursday, 14 February 2019 09:00

    Newsletter Mid Term Break - Second Term 2018 / 2019

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    We give thanks to the Almighty God who has taken us thus far. He alone sustained us, improved and shielded us. We are indeed very grateful unto Him. We also appreciate you parents for your role in our success story.



    The school closes for the mid-term break today 14th February, 2019.


    RESUMPTION:  All boarders are to come back to school on Saturday 23rd February, 2019 not later than 5pm while the day students would join on Monday 25th February, 2019.



    Endeavour to trim your child’s/ward’s hair very low on return. Please note that the school would be compelled to do it her own way if any student flouts this instruction.



    We want to use this opportunity to thank all parents who responded promptly to the payment of all fees. At the same time, we enjoin those owing to ensure that all debts are cleared on return because those still indebted to the school would not be allowed into the compound.

    Furthermore, parents of students in JSS 3 and SS 3 are reminded that both 2nd and 3rd term fees are paid this term so as to avoid preventing them from writing their external examination. In addition, the JSS 3 students are required to pay N1, 300 each for their BIODATA CAPTURING



    All students in JS 1, JS 2, SS 1, and SS 2 are expected to pay N400 each on return for the Enugu State Uniform Examination.

    NOTE:  All SS 3 students offering Dyeing and Bleaching and Visual Arts are to buy the items listed below for their NECO Exam. Be informed that exhibition of all their art work forms part of the Exam.

    1. 2 ½ yards of funtua calico fabric for Batik
    2. 2 ½ yards of funtua calico for Tie and Dye
    3. Cheap coloured brocade materials (2 yards) for Bleaching
    4. 2 ½ yards of coloured fabric for Printing
    5. Appron
    6. Nosemat
    7. Hand glove
    8. Eye goggles 



    Forms for the entrance examination into JS 1, JS 2, SS 1, and SS 2 are available. The first batch would take the exam on Saturday 4th May, 2019. Please help us to inform your friends, neighbours and relations.



    Mid-term assignments and projects were given to the students. Ensure and insist that your child/ward completes hers.



    Please recall that you were previously informed that students are not permitted to make their uniforms outside. Please be also informed that the school will not hesitate to seize any uniform not bought in the school. Similarly, all students who have lost their hats, ceremonial shoes, stockings or those who have outgrown any of their uniforms are required to replace them.

    NOTE: We would not tolerate any shabby dressing next term.



    We appreciate you all, trusting God for the best in the lives of our Students.


    MOH, S.M (MRS.)


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