High Level Of Discipline In LIGSS

    According to the oxford dictionary, discipline is a method of training your mind or body to be in positive control of your behaviour.

    A life without discipline is a carefree life ready to be destroyed and disgraced. And that is why Lady Ibiam Girls’ Secondary School found it of great importance to inculcate discipline in the lives of the students. All round discipline includes spiritual, academic, moral, financial and social.


    Beginning with the spiritual standard, Lady Ibiam Girls’ Secondary School made it to be that without God, all fame is useless.


    Coming to academic aspect, Lady Ibiam Girls’ Secondary School started and is still shunning examination malpractice giving every student a chance to study and be diligent. Lady Ibiam Girls’ Secondary School made it that; A disciplined life, understands timing and only a disciplined person goes far.


    Walt Disney says “the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”. So to attain great heights, you must be a person of discipline.

    In Lady Ibiam Girls’ Secondary School, it is not enough to dream of success, you need to work for it. Even during night prep, the hours spent are never a waste as the school sees to it that everybody is settled, reading.


    In character building (good morals) students of Lady Ibiam Girls’ Secondary School are highly disciplined. This the staff imparts by making sure that human vices are shunned through mentorship and punishment.


    Also the use of time is highly managed and used well by insisting that students are in the right place at the right time.


    Discipline even in the movement aspect; going out and coming in is highly checked.


    Lady Ibiam Girls’ Secondary School staff has inculcated discipline to the point that bullying is now a thing of the past as everyone is watched closely and punished accurately according to your crime to the point that even the teachers are disciplined. They know when to come in and teach and when to leave for the students to rest. Failure to do this attracts penalty from the Management Board.


    Steve Jobs says “if you are determined to do something no one pushing you; the vision pulls you”. Hence Lady Ibiam Girls’ Secondary School having the vision of becoming a great school is pulled by determination.


    Real Academic students read, persevere, are diligent, disciplined and socialize, and we are working to become the best.


    James Agatha

    Outgoing Senior Prefect

    2018/2019 Set


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